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Custom Brow Design (shaping​) $30

Achieve the best shape for your brows with custom wax, trim, and/or tweeze. Brows are shaped with room left to grow if needed.

Lash Lift & Tint $75 and up

This Keratin treatment is ideal for those who use lash curlers on a daily basis and/or have light colored lashes. Typically lasts for 6-8 weeks

Brow tinting $40 (includes waxing)

Ideal for those with grey or light colored brow hairs! Also an awesome treatment for those with naturally full brows who don't want to apply brow products on a daily basis.

Semi-Permanent Brows $350 and up

Cosmetic makeup option to enhance or change brow shape. Usually requires 2 sessions to complete and last 1-3 years.

Custom Facials 

Customized facials tailored for your skin needs. each treatment includes dual cleanse, exfoliation (diamond, scrub, enzymes, and/or peels) to help removed dead skin cells and blocked pores. Extractions are included if needed followed by nourishing masks and serums. We can create a treatment plan to target your problem areas leaving healthy, glowing skin behind.